Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Recorder

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1.Feeding mode: remote, automatic, manual
2.Machine lens: 2.1MM lens( For Camera Style Feeder )
3.Angle: 135 degrees( For Camera Style Feeder )
4.Video format: PAL/NTSC ( For Camera Style Feeder )
5.Recording mode: automatic
6.Machine recording: 10 seconds recording.Voice intercom: support
7.Material: ABS resin
8.Machine weight: about 1720g
9.Specifications: EU plug, US plug, JP plug
10.Battery power supply: Not included


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You will find this automatic pet feeder with voice recorder very helpful as it comes with up to 3 litters feeding capacity, infrared detection, a mobile app to feed your pet from away.


When the battery is used, the APP cannot be set, but only can complete the feeding previously set

LCD Screen:

1:Infrared Induction:This feeder has infrared detection technology which will prevent the food from spilling or getting stuck in the hole of the dispenser;
2:Sound Recording Function : You can record your voice calling your pet to come and enjoy their meal time.

Wifi(not camera) :

Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hunger.

WIFI and Camera:

1.1.3 MPx high-definition camera, with a 110-degree wide-angle len, you can also know about the pets at any time.
2.Easily set the time of food and the amount of food to be delivered through the mobile phone, and regularly feed the pets more healthily to prevent the pets from being full or hunger.


Question: How long will it last at a time? Will it feed for a week? More? Less?
Answer: Depends on how big your cat or dog is and how much you feed them, we feed our cat half a cup of food dry food a day and it lasts for 3 weeks

Question: which is the maximum size of a grain of food that can be dispensed by the machine
Answer: Just be aware that the size of the dry food should not exceed 1 cm³.

Question: Does anyone still have their instructions? I need to decrease the portion size and I can’t seem to figure out how to do it. Can anyone help?
Answer: Hold down and hold the meal button and press down the meal size button at the same time.

Question: Is this BPA free?
Answer: Yes,it’s safe and non-toxic,you can use at ease for your pet

Question: Has any one used this for their dogs. It says dog cat but is always referring to cat.
Answer: I use it for my cat but you could definitely use it for a large dog. It can deliver large amounts of food

Question: What happens if there is a power outage?
Answer: If you put in batteries, then the feeder will rely on the battery power if the power goes out.

Question: ow do I reset the voice recording? I don’t want to re-record; I just want to remove the recording completely.
Answer: You just need hold down “MIC”button to start recording,(last up to 10 seconds).and then release the button to finish.The original record will be eliminate.

Additional information

Time Setting


Max Output


With Water Dispenser


Power Source

Charge, Battery

Min Output



Stainless Steel

Plug Type


LCD Display



4 times in 1 Day

Meal Size

5-200 G

Voice message Recording

10 seconds



Mode number


8 reviews for Automatic Pet Feeder With Voice Recorder

  1. Arizz

    Recommend! Very convenient and easy to use robot!

  2. Ratika

    Very cool feeder) the cat is satisfied and quickly accustomed to it, as soon as he hears the sound of the activation of the sailor-immediately runs to food)

  3. Mona

    That’s perfect! My second order! Thank you!

  4. Bella

    Very happy about it! I have is about 2 months now. Works perfect. You can add about 1.5 kg of food in it which is good for about 1-2 weeks. Ive weighted the portions and it is about right with 1-2 grams range. Suuuper happy with it! I recommend it

  5. Pomi

    Shipment came very soon, any 2 weeks, all nicely packed. Manual in English, very write clearly written. Wholeheartedly recommend for anyone who has a kitten, can leisurely to leave on weekend and not fear is that pet will not have what to eat. You can also listen to what happens in home and look at the webcam.

  6. Sully

    Delivered in 4 days by courier. Everything suits, there are 4 time points per day, when you can assign feed. You can also record a voice. Works from yusb, or from 3 batteries

  7. Laila

    Customer Satisfied 🙂 everything works as a watch, camera of excellent quality, portions easy to customize, issue without mistake. Connected with two iPhones without problems, you can watch the beast at the same time. Checked whether the settings are shut down when power off-no, it gives everything on schedule, as it works both from the network, and from the batteries. I liked the option of manual feeding-you can feed the animal out of schedule with a single click in the app. It is not very convenient that the level of the remaining feed is not visible, it is necessary to periodically check.

  8. Rishi

    Awesome. I’ll order another two. took it with the camera. But it’s uncomfortable to talk. We need to press the microphone, say something, then turn off the microphone, then turn on the hearing. It would be nice to talk while you keep it. As on the radio

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